Here are sacred lessons I learn from my child everyday.  Here are the ways I aspire to be more like her.

1. The true meaning of  “Unconditional Love”.   Loved regardless of what you do or don’t do. That is how they love.

2. Can you imagine how loving you would be if you were impervious to having your feelings hurt by petty comments or squabbles? They are above all of that.

3. How freeing to never know jealousy.  Of that I am jealous.

4. How amazing would it feel to be in capable of hate?   They are.

5. How would I live my life, if I were not afraid of embarrassment?
More like them I suppose, the best version of themselves.

6. They know nothing but honesty.  I never have to worry I will ever be lied to.

7.  They are always loyal.  I will never worry they will cheat me or cut me out of her life.

8. They will never gossip.

9. Special needs individuals do not know judgment. They love us for who we are not how much money we have, what we do, our race, creed or color.  They don’t care what mistakes we made in the past.

10. Their souls are perfect.  This forces us to look beyond the physical at our own prejudices to see the beautiful spirit that lies beyond what the eyes can see. The way all of us want to be recognized.

They live the life we can only aspire to live. We attend religious services, we pray and try consciously to live the life they live with ease.

Only those with the courage to open our hearts and minds to this population will be able to learn from them the scared qualities that they have mastered.  For they are our teachers and we are their students.


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