Today's blog post is about how to have a sense of humor when things don't really seem all that funny.   Here is an example of what happened to me yesterday.  Yesterday was finally the first day back to school for my daughter who had spent the last 11 days 6 hours and 13 min asking when she was finally going back to school, but who is counting.  I was very excited to finally grant her request.  About 10 minutes before the bus is about to come I notice that she was anxious. One of the things that makes my daughter super anxious is loud noises such as lawn mowers and hedge clippers. It is a high-pitched sound that can be mildly annoying to those of us without Autism.  However, to a child with Autism this sound is off the charts! I am now convinced that she hears things that I don't. Her hearing is more keen period!  Expecting that a landscaping company is trying to get a hard days work in by starting early I go out to investigate. Oh no! My neighbors adjacent to me are HAVING TREES CUT DOWN!!!

A lawn mower is nothing compared to this noise. Comparing a lawn mower and tree surgery is like bringing a pillow to whack someone with to a gun fight. It's a whole other level of stress!  UGH! How I am going to get her onto the bus?

So I decided that the bus driver and I needed a plan. I waited a few minutes for the bus.  The bus driver and I decided on plans A, B, and C. I went running back towards the door to implement plan A and boom! I almost crash into the door because why? In her panic SHE LOCKED ME OUT! Great! I am out here, she is in there she won't open the door. By the way, did I mention she has noise canceling headphones on? Even if I banged she might not hear me! To add ‘insult to injury’ I was expecting someone to meet me at my house in about 10 minutes. Oh yes! The bus is still waiting.  I told myself not to panic. I remembered that I had a key to my deck hidden. She has locked me out before and I learned this lesson the hard way. I got my key and went around to the back of the house, got caught in a spider's web along the way and finally attempted to open the door.  Yesterday was such a very hot, sticky, and wet day in NJ and everything seemed to be stuck in its place especially my deck door. Now most people would think that the adjectives hot, sticky and wet would be a good thing. I assure you that even though I was slightly humored at this point by the irony of all of this, It was not a good thing! The bus was still waiting!

I ran back around to the front careful of the spider web just in time for the bus driver to inform me that she is leaving.  Now, my ‘prize’ if I ever get back in the house will be driving my daughter 30 min to school and back.

I saw my neighbor across the street and she also tried to open the back door with no luck.  At this point, at least I got to feel less like a weakling because she can't open the door either.  I went around to the front of the house and rang the door bell and pounded on the door. Low and behold, somehow my daughter hears me through the noise canceling headphones and looks at me out the window as if to say "Mom what are you doing out there?".  She went back to playing on the computer.  I began to realize that I am in a time crunch now because someone is coming to my house, I am going to now spend an hour driving my daughter to school and back and I have an appointment later that morning so I need to get back in the house NOW!

Luckily I remembered that I had taken a picture of my other daughter for her first day of school with my cell phone and it was still in my pocket. I reached into my pocket for my cell phone. What choice did I have? I would have to call my husband to come home from his office to let me in! What approach should I take? Should I sound calm cool and collected? Should I be the hysterical spouse? I decided a sense of humor always calms down a tense situation.  My sense of humor and joke telling about having coffee "Al fresco" that morning made him less anxious and actually quite tickled to see me waiting for him in the driveway. He laughed when he saw my daughter walk up upon opening the door and said to her "Hey buddy what are you doing in here?"

 How fascinating is it that on the day my daughter is about to go back to school, just before the bus comes my neighbor decides to have a tree cut down? Not only that, but the tree company actually shows up on time and she gets so panicked that she actually locks me out in the 2 minutes I was waiting for the bus?  When you look at the situation that way what are the chances that it could happen again just the same way?

Fascination with tense situations can lead to finding your sense of humor. One thing you need in dealing with Autism is a sense of humor! Ironically, all parents of children with Autism have stories like these. The question is do we see this bits or irony as funny or frustrating?

If this story gave you a chuckle mission complete! Please comment and let me know!



10/03/2012 10:27am

This sounds like days at my house. It is hard to find humor in our everyday lives. But one day I had something like this happen that I couldnt help laugh when my daughter was in the middle of a fit. I was in a hurry (as we always are) I asked several times did she need to go to the bathroom before we left. I had to get somewhere to drop something off by 3. And it was a 45 minute drive. She is 5 and fully pottied trained. I get to where I am going and tell her to wait in the car. I parked right by the door so I could see her.( New places scare her so sometimes this is better. I always take the keys but let her stay where i can see her and let her play on my phone.) I run inside I am watching her I am inside less than 3 minutes when walking back out to the car I knew she was in the front seat but she was in the middle of a full blown melt down. She had been trying to get inside to me to go potty and had gone all over my new drivers side seat. I wanted to get mad but I couldnt. I was buffled by the irony that I just bought this car and she marked it as hers. ( of not on purpose). I keep extra clothes and a towel in the car so I got her all cleaned up and throw the towel in my seat and off we went.

08/27/2014 12:25pm

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