I know that all of us reach a point where we just can't take it anymore! I know that you want to scream!

The point of today's post is to keep you from going to a dark place in your head where you begin to question your whole life.

Going to this dark place is like walking through a scary funhouse. Which by the way, I do not see anything "Fun" about!

My point is that all of that negative thinking is a big mirror of illusion and nothing is true! Yet, it feels so true!

I felt as though I was going over the edge yesterday because my husband was working and my daughter screamed for her father for FOUR HOURS!  

Since I like to  'Walk my Talk' I ran my BUFFERS checklist as much as I needed to keep from entering the fun house of no fun i.e. the runaway train of bad thoughts. The BUFFERS checklist is when you use the acronym BUFFERS as a quick check in tool to try to quickly turn a situation around and stay away from the smoke and mirrors of negativity.

Quickly ask yourself the following:


Do I need a break right now? How can I make that happen?

Are my boundaries so out of whack that I am over the edge?

Am I so out of balance that I am tipping over?

How can I fix them to get through this?


What new thing can I do right now that I have not yet tried to fix this moment?


Would a quick prayer help?  Just a little help to get you through the moment! What else can I change my focus? Maybe a list what I am grateful for?


Can I call for some help? A little support? A hug?


If I were to see one gift in this situation what would it be?


Is my child in pain? Is my child frightened? Is my child just being themselves and I am having an issue? How can I make THEM feel better?


What is funny or fascinating about this situation?

With some practice you will learn to do this in your head in about 30 seconds. So many times I am able to make the situation better so fast it was amazing! You will know instantly which BUFFER will help solve the problem and you can always use more than one!

Best of all, it definitely keeps me from going down the wrong road! Yesterday I ran my checklist several times and used a few of the BUFFERS to help me get through those four hours until my husband came home.  For example, I use U to make up silly songs about Daddy that made her laugh! I used R to remember that she is suffering from missing him.  I had sympathy and patience for her knowing that she was not trying to drive me crazy!

I can't say that I was "tip toeing through the tulips", but who walks on their toes through tulips anyway? It gave me a tool to use to make the situation more manageable.

That is the point! Stay positive! Stay strong! Break through to the life you want! You CAN do it!

Try the BUFFERS checklist and let me know if it works for you!



08/27/2014 12:25pm

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