I am forwarding this link regarding GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) vaccines!  I am not trying to start an ASD vaccine debate. I do not want GMOs or any other potentially harmful additives in vaccines. According to the video in this link Vicky Debold Phd., who is the Director of Research and Patient Safety for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is being interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola a well known public safety and health expert.  In this interview Dr. Debold mentions that the hepatitis B vaccine, which is given the first day of life has contained GMO material since 1999!

My daughter who was born prematurely and weighed just over 2lbs at birth was given that vaccine! My daughter has ASD.  Coincidence?  Until it can be proven as a fact, which may already be the case I have my suspicions about this and a few other environmental potential hazards!  We need to wake up and say NO! WE ARE SUBJECTS OF EXPERIMENTATION! PLEASE READ THIS FOR YOUR SAKE AND THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN!

Thank you Dr. Mercola and Dr. Debold for the education.

By the way if you do not know what a GMO is it stands for Genetically Modified Organism and without your knowledge and consent you are eating them everyday!

Basically the plant is altered at the cellular level, it is a type of cloning!

There is much controversy on GMO safety and whether GMOs are tested at all.

Please log onto to The NON GMO Project’s website in order to protect yourself from eating them as much as possible!

Please be informed about GMO vaccines! You can also get more information on the National Vaccine Safety website

Please advocate of our safety and at the very least stay informed!

Thanks for listening!



09/02/2016 3:38pm

In any field of profession education is vital part because if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience you will not achieve the goals of life and able to make history in your profession. That is quite impressive sharing is here about vaccine news that is well-informed.

04/25/2017 3:54am

I have learned about GMO in my biology class and how it is used in third world countries for them to get nutrients since there is food scarcity. After learning about GMO it made me choose the food that I buy at the groceries wisely I started to buy organic products in order to avoid GMO. This post made me find out that GMO is also used in vaccines and it is displeasing to use, especially for a new born child since it affects the health of anyone who has GMO in their body. Anyone should be informed if a product is GMO or not that way they can decide if they want to avail it or not. Nowadays food has chemicals that can affect our body in a negative way so better keep ourselves informed to avoid such them.

11/14/2016 4:18pm

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