There is no worse feeling than feeling hopeless! If you have no hope you can’t move forward.

When it comes to being a caregiver of a child with ASD feeling hopeless is a great way to become emotionally “Checked out” and just go through the motions with your kids.  I have done that and I know how awful it is!  Lack of hope can take over your whole life and make it so emotionally painful that it hurts just to just be alive!

Wickipedia has many definitions of hope. One of which is;

“The emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.”   In other words, holding onto to hope can help keep us moving. Eventually it will be in the right direction!

 If we are feeling “Hopeless” regarding our child’s situation, on some level that may mean that our level of frustration has gotten so high it may seem that one has lost faith in their child.   Remember, even in the  most dire of circumstances if improvement is physically possible there is always hope.   The question becomes how do we reclaim hope and internalize it to become a legitimate part of our inner fiber?  The answer lies in the “U” in BUFFERS ‘Unearth New Territory’! Try something new! There are two ways to do this, I strongly recommend doing both simultaneously.  First, to try something new for your child new therapy, a new treatment, new research, a new way or working with them or even embracing a new attitude can change the status quo and improve your situation.   Trying something that you have not tried before can shake things up,  creating motion in a positive direction.   Simply the act of deciding what you will do differently propels you forward and automatically changes your current footing.  There is always the possibility that what you are doing just might work! It also made lead to something else even better!

The second way to ‘Unearth New Territory’ is to do something new for yourself! Take a new class, join a club, or do that thing that you always wanted to do!  Doing this will improve the quality of your life and bring you more joy!  Having more joy and contentment in your own life will bring more patience and acceptance for your current situation with your child.   This will help you avoid the emotional roller coaster of trying something new and not having work out as planned.  If you operate at a certain level of contentment you will be encouraged to keep trying new things to improve your child’s current condition.

An example of what “Unearth New Territory” for me personally is that I am planning in attending the Current Trends In Autism Conference in Boston on November 9-10.  It is the most recent findings in Autism to date. I am hoping to come away with a new treatment and better understanding of what Autism really is!  If anyone else is interested in this conference the link is

Today is a new day! The perfect day to reboot, take a deep breath and decide to first step in a brand new direction, who knows it could be toward a new life!



10/19/2012 12:49pm

I totally agree! Just move to attempt something new. Even if something like walking is enjoyable for you, try a new locale or a different street. It seems to freshen your thinking.

08/27/2014 12:22pm

our progress in opening

11/26/2012 8:12pm

Finding HOPE is a wonderful feeling when you have the support of FAMILY. My son, who is 16 is Autistic. My other son is 19 and my daughter is 14... THEY are my source of HOPE. I've been living a nightmare with the attitudes and ignorance of my family. The best thing for my son is to "throw him in an institution!", "He is mentally sick in the mind", I'm a train wreck about to happen.... Little do they know that I'm working overtime to help my child; but it's not good enough for them. They will ask for us to come over but leave HIM at home! What happen to family support? What happened to the hope and faith I once had. HE is loved by ALL his teachers & staff, his friends at school, at camp and is SO loved by his brother and sister. Recently he has been suffering with very bad headaches. It's been a long, rough road but I'm riding this wave as best as I can, and in time, I will conquer it! Riding the wave with my family... I doomed to drown! When I can't turn to my brothers, or sister for support... Where is the HOPE. I want to Thank this Website for the Hope, and Support I can't get from my own family.

05/27/2016 8:18am

Hope is a thing which you should have to create by your own self. No one can create it into your mind instead of saying some words about your problem as a sympathy creating. You should have to create it you should have to believe it on.


If you are a positive person, you always trying to think about some good things... you will never have problems with hope)

05/08/2017 8:22am

We all need hope. Don't we? Just some light in our life!



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