My second random act of kindness was similar to my first in that I did something nice for an unsuspecting stranger. The experience was similar because a real positive charge was created and again I got the feeling that I did something truly amazing yet is was so simple. This man did not seem as bewildered by the whole experience as the woman who had the milk, yet he too was pleasantly surprised and I like to think it definitely made his day!

 I was buying donuts for a party, when I heard the man next to me order a cup of coffee. As he was taking out his gift card to pay for the coffee I said “Absolutely not! I am paying and spreading holiday cheer!”   Then I wished him happy holidays. This time I was not committing this act alone but had my five-year old daughter with me! Once the kindness occurred things became very hectic. I remember handing the cashier 20 dollars to pay for my donuts and his coffee.  My daughter attempted to take money from my wallet and I remember putting the money she had taken back in my wallet while this lovely man was thanking me. The man was so surprised and so taken with what I had done I only remember him standing there literally gazing and smiling at me the way new parents gaze their child or the way you can appreciate a huge full moon hanging low over the ocean. The whole thing probably lasted about 10 seconds until I noticed my daughter walking away and had to turn my attention away from my new- found best friend. He looked at me and just be to sure asked if I knew who he was. I got the feeling he wanted to be sure he was not missing something and that a complete stranger was REALLY buying him coffee. I was about to introduce myself to him confident, that if I had been able to do that I would have had a new friend for life. Just then, my donuts arrived along with my change. My daughter got very excited to be in the presence of donuts and again my attention went elsewhere.  My recipient of kindness did not leave until he told me that he hoped to run into me again in the coffee shop so he could buy me a cup of coffee one day too!  After he left I asked my daughter if she understood what I had done and was disappointed that she had not realized a single thing. That goes to show that when you are trying to teach your children valuable life lessons about kindness and the power of small acts make sure there is no junk food around!

Happy Holidays! 



08/27/2014 12:23pm

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02/25/2016 3:49am

These random acts are very good!

05/30/2016 5:12am

You are so kind! It's really so rare in our time!


Just like a chaotic good))

09/24/2016 5:59am

I really like this one post that is having the lots of the words that are full of with the serving of the human kind that is needy for each other’s help. We should have to creating these kinds of the harmonies among the communities.

11/17/2016 3:56am

That is really something that everyone will prefer a good act and you really need a big hear to take such step. It is really fun to read your articles because it makes me feel that still there are some kind peoples.

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