Happy Holidays! As promised, there have been four acts of random kindness so far. I have tried to do a variety of things for people I know and strangers.  I have to say that it has been a very rewarding experience so far that has left me with a holiday “High” of good cheer and I have felt more immune to the sense of hustle bustle and frustration that I usually feel with all the crowds and people rushing everywhere! It is amazing the difference in the quality of your life when you go around consciously thinking of nice things to do for people!

Random Act One

I was standing in line at my local grocery store and noticed a cute little elderly lady behind me purchasing a carton of milk.  I was paying for my groceries and turned to ask her if I could “Borrow” her carton of milk. She looked at me very quizzically and hesitantly handed me the milk.  I had the checkout person scan it. The checkout person looked at me strangely because she was also confused. She scanned the milk.

Out of the corner of her mouth the checkout person asked, “Do you know her?” I replied “No.”  I handed the woman back her milk now bagged and she looked at me again with the same expression on her face and asked me why did I want to borrow her milk? I told her I was spreading holiday cheer and I paid for her milk and was wishing her the happiest of holidays. She just stood there frozen.  Asked me again why I wanted her milk. I explained to her again the same thing and let her know she was free to go.  It wasn’t until the checkout person assured her that she was free to go that she changed from totally confused to cautious (like this might be a joke) to elated. She was so happy and so grateful that somebody cared enough to spread holiday cheer. I felt so good and powerful in that moment. The cashier got such a kick out of it too.  I paid for my groceries and as I was leaving this sweet lady and her friend waited for me like I was a celebrity and they were autograph seekers. She was still smiling and her friend thanked me and said I did such a wonderful thing. Yet a fourth person’s life was touched by my simple act. This is not including anyone else that was told this story whose life has been impacted in a positive light. I like to think the possibilities for joy are endless as this story is heard by more people.  I am amazed by two things: the first being that people are so surprised when anyone does anything nice for them and how such a small simple act can be so powerful.

Have a joyful day!



08/27/2014 12:23pm

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09/25/2017 12:09am

It feels good whenever you have done something for other people. Of course, you will feel proud about yourself because you've been a good person once more! There are lots of good deeds you have done, and I am so happy that you keep on sharing it to all of us. You deserve more blessings to come because you serve as a blessing to other people at the same time! By posting such actions, you are also inspiring us to do the same thing!

05/18/2016 4:47pm

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05/21/2016 9:33am

Whenever you feel like that you can do a kindness on some one’s self, then don’t waste a single moment of your life and do it quickly. After this you will be really feel like that you will be never feel before doing this good deed.

12/12/2016 12:28am

That's very kind of you! Since the holiday season is approaching, I am expecting that many people would do the same. It takes a person with a good heart to do the same act of kindness. I hope many of your readers will be inspired to do such thing this Christmas! The old lady must be really happy.


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