My 4th and 5th Random Acts of Kindness were aimed at the people in my neighborhood.  During this holiday season I wanted to bring a smile, not only to strangers but to the people I regularly see as well.  

  For Random Act of Kindness #4 I bought a small bouquet of flowers and gave it to the ladies at my local bank that I see weekly. It was a small gesture that created holiday cheer.  I could smell the sense of goodwill that was created and so could all of the employees and customers who were there at the time.   Knowing that I was the creator of such joy really did put another bounce in my step.  When I went back to the bank the following week, I was honored to see my flowers proudly displayed on the counter for all to see. When it was my turn to be served, I was greeted with extra big smiles by all of the employees and one of the women pointed out the flowers displayed by “a great customer”.   

   I felt very happy to have expressed appreciation and warm wishes to the people that I see regularly but never take the time to acknowledge.

   For my Random Act of Kindness #5 I wrote a special card to an employee of my local supermarket that has been especially helpful to me.  This card was very meaningful because our relationship started off on the wrong foot.  I was looking for a special cheese about a year ago and due to a mislabeling issue I could not find it. This employee is the Cheese Manager. Our relationship started out a little heated since I insisted that this cheese existed and I accused her of not knowing her inventory. Shortly after this debate we discovered a labeling issue was the source of the misunderstanding.  The cheese in fact was there.  This woman was very professional with me, and even though I apologized to her at the time, I always felt bad about what happened.  

   We have spoken many times since our original encounter and actually have become friendly upon seeing each other at the store. I felt it was very important to me during this holiday season to let her know just how much I liked her and actually looked forward to seeing her in the store.  I wrote her a card with a lovely note and expressed my thoughts. On two separate occasions I tried to find her at work but I was unsuccessful.  I finally left the card with one of her subordinates.  I decided to call the next day to be sure it was received and one of the employees answered and told me how excited her supervisor was and that she told the entire department about it.  I was so glad to spread cheer to someone so deserving of my appreciation. When I saw her the next time, she was so happy to see me. I really feel that I have a made a true friend in her.  To me it is the true meaning of the holiday season to express appreciation for people who are special to us.

My Random Act of Kindness 6th was very simple. While I was at the store leaving the card for the cheese manager I bought a small balloon and gave it to an unsuspecting child with the permission of the mother of course! It was worthwhile to see her face light up like a holiday candle. She even had a little twinkle in her eye! The mother was very appreciative as well.

My Random Act of Kindness #7th consisted of me going out of my way to take in my neighbor’s garbage cans to their garage doors. Even though the recipients of these acts did not know they came from me I still felt great knowing I made people’s lives a little easier. I will admit I got a kick out of knowing that they would probably be wondering who brought their garbage cans to the garage door!  I felt just like a magic elf.

For my final random act of kindness I had intended to make a bunch of cookies and give them to the police department, fire department and paramedics in my town but I have had to deal with pressing family issues and not had to time to do what I had wanted.

I was however able to give a giggle to the cashier in my local coffee shop. I was waiting to have a meeting with one of my Counseling Supervisors at the coffee shop. I got to the meeting early and walked in at the same time as a man that was dressed in a way that expressed he was a very religious person. I figured a person as pious as he appeared to be probably did many good deeds for others, so I wanted to pay it forward.  I insisted on paying for his coffee. Again both he and the cashier were confused at first. Then he thanked me and said that he was from Canada and that I gave him a great story to tell about how nice Americans really were! Unknowingly I have single-handedly increased our international image!

While I was still waiting for my supervisor to come a police officer walked in and ordered a cup of coffee. Since I was already on a roll, I jumped up to pay for his coffee also, the same cashier giggled and assured me that coffee for the police was already free!   A few minutes later my supervisor arrived and I could not resist giving the cashier one more smile and of course I purchased that coffee as well. I jokingly told her that would be my final “Random Act of Coffee” for the day. The cashier got a real kick out of it!  Ironically enough I never bought the cashier a thing or did anything directly nice for her but she was as much the recipient of good cheer as were the people for whom  I actually bought the coffee. In the last case even more so than my Supervisor!

I have completed eight amazing random acts of kindness. I have strengthened my relationships with some and touched all of the people I encountered along the way. I created what in my opinion in the true meaning of holiday cheer and in face of the normal hustle and bustle of this season coupled with the aftermath of natural disasters and unthinkable recent tragedies I can honestly say that spreading true kindness has been an amazing antidote to BUFFER myself from feeling overwhelmed and keeping up my true sense of faith.




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In this world full of hatred and anger, it just feels so happy to witness such kind of random act of kindness once in a while. I think it's very rare to have that in this kind of society that we are living right now, right? But, some people still exist to prove that they can change this world. That's why, it just makes me believe that there's still faith in humanity. That we can still make this world a better place to live in. There's still hope that we could work on together as one.


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